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UkeySoft Unlocker UkeySoft Unlocker

UkeySoft iOS Unlocker

Unlock iPhone/iPad Screen or Apple ID without Passcode

A Powerful iOS Unlocker
1 2 3 4 5 ( 388 Reviews )iOS 16 Compatible

Remove iPhone/iPad screen passcode with 1 Click

Remove Apple ID if you forgot Apple ID or password

Unlock a disabled, used or locked iPhone/iPad

Unlock iPhone with broken screen, unresponsive screen, Apple logo screen

Remove 4-digit / 6-digit passcode, Touch ID & Face ID on iPhone/iPad

Unlock Apple ID from any activated iPhone/iPad/iPod without losing data

Unlock iPhone 15/14/13/12/11/SE/X, etc. and iPad Pro, iPad Air, iPad Mini and more older devices

Compatible with all iOS versions and devices including iOS 17 and iPhone 15(Plus/Pro).

unlock iphone

Unlock iPhone/iPad in Any Scenarios

UkeySoft iOS Unlocker enables you to remove iPhone/iPad screen passcode in different situations,
including 4-Digit/6-Digit Numeric Code, as well as Touch ID or Face ID.

  • Simple


  • 100% Safe

    100% Safe

  • No technical required

    No technical required

Forgotten Screen Passcode?

Can't remember your restrictions passcode or screen time passcode? UkeySoft Unlocker helps you bypass restrictions passcode and screen time passcode in minutes, so you can unlock your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch without password.

  • TickSupport to remove 4-digit/6-digit passcode,Touch ID & Face ID.
  • TickMake sure you have disabled “Find My iPhone” function, then you can use this app to unlock your iPhone.
  • TickThe locked screen passcode and all the data on your device will be erased after you unlock your iPhone with this app.
  • TickFree offers different firmware package for your iPhone/iPad/iPod to download.
  • TickInstall the firmware on the locked iPhone/iPad to reset it and fix other issues.

Forgotten Apple ID Password?

Have forgotten your Apple ID password? You can't change the Apple ID password due to lost the email address? Want to bypass iCloud activation on iPhone? UkeySoft Unlocker also allows you to easily unlock the Apple ID without password, as well as removing iCloud activation lock on iPhone.

  • Remove Apple ID from any iDevices without password.
  • Remove iCloud activation lock in iOS 13, 12 or Earlier.
  • iPhone removed from previous iCloud account, protect your privacy.
  • Preserve your data and apps after removing Apple ID.
  • Login with a different Apple ID or create a new one.
  • Permanently remove Apple ID and iCloud activation lock before selling your iPhone.
  • If your "Find My [device]" is on
    UkeySoft iOS Unlocker can only remove Apple ID in iPhone/iPad from running iOS 11.3 or earlier.
  • If your "Find My [device]" is off
    UkeySoft iOS Unlocker app can remove Apple ID any activated iOS devices.

When & Why You Need to Unlock Apple ID?

Your Apple ID has been disabled or locked? Forgot Apple ID or password? UkeySoft Unlocker enables you to remove Apple ID from all activated iPhone, iPad and iPod within seconds, no need password.

Forgot Password for Apple ID? We Can Resolve It

Enjoy All Features on iOS Device

  • Sign in with a different Apple ID or create a new Apple ID
  • Use any iCloud service and enjoy all Apple ID features
  • Enable or disable the "Find My iPhone" function
  • Fix your disabled Apple ID

Make Your iOS Device More Safer

  • Your device can’t be tracked by others through the previous Apple ID
  • Your device can’t be remotely blocked by prior Apple ID users
  • Your iPhone data will not be remotely wiped by prior Apple ID users
  • Your device will be removed from previous iCloud account


There are some conditions that restrict UkeySoft Unlocker from unlocking Apple ID.

UkeySoft Unlocker only supports unlocking an activated iPhone/iPad/iPod. If you need to unlock Apple ID with UkeySoft Unlocker, your device must have been set up and you can gain access to the device settings.

1. If Find My [device] is off, all devices are supported to unlock Apple ID.

2. If Find My [device] is enabled, devices running from iOS 10.2 to iOS 11.4 are supported to unlock without data loss.

3. If Find My [device] is enabled, devices running on iOS 12 and later versions are not supported.

Make sure the "Find My iPhone" is disabled before, then our software can remove Apple ID.

3 Simple Steps to Bypass iPhone Lock Screen Passcode

Forgot your iPhone lock screen password? Your iPhone is disable? Want to remove Apple ID without password? UkeySoft Unlocker can be used to quickly remove Apple ID, screen lock, restrictions, and screen time passcode on iPhones and iPads.

Step 1. Launch UkeySoft Unlocker and connect iPhone to computer.

Step 1. Launch UkeySoft Unlocker and connect iPhone to computer.

Step 2. Select and download firmware package.

Step 2. Select and download firmware package.

Step 3. Start removing screen passcode from iPhone.

Step 3. Start removing screen passcode from iPhone.

iPhone Unlocker

iphone unlock tool secure download secure download. Trusted by 138+ million user.

Media Reviews

  • Best Tool to Unlock Apple ID & Screen Lock

    "UkeySoft Unlocker is indeed a good tool for users who have accidentally locked their iPhone, iPad or iPod touch devices. In addition, it is safe. No viruses or threats were detected during the download, installation and using of UkeySoft Unlocker. If you forgot your iPhone passcode, the software is excellent at bypassing iPhone lock passcode. If one day your iPhone gets locked out accidentally, or your iPhone is disabled, then it is a must-use tool."


  • A Great iPhone Passcode Remove Tool

    "UkeySoft iOS Unlocker is a great tool to remove iPhone/iPad screen passcode or Apple ID without having to use iTunes. This software is easy to use and does not require any technical skills. 3 steps to remove iPhone screen lock, passcode, Touch ID and Face ID, no tech skills needed."


  • Remove iPhone Passcode by Yourself

    "UkeySoft Unlocker is a must-have iPhone Unlocking tool, if you forgot iPhone passcode or forgot Apple ID password, this tool can unlock a disabled iOS devices without iTunes or iCloud, as well as unlock Apple ID from iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch without password. No professional skills needed, everyone can easily unlock a locked, broken, disabled, second-hand iPhone by yourself at home. The toolkit is available on both macOS and Windows, and fully compatible with the latest iOS/iPadOS iOS 15, iPhone 13 and more."


  • Unlock Any Activated iOS Device At Ease

    "UkeySoft Unlocker is a secure iOS unlocking tool, this tool can easily to unlock iPhone, iPad, and iPod without a password. If you forgote screen locked passcode, graphical password on iPhone/iPad, with this iOS Unlocker, you can remove various lock screen passcodes, including 4-and 6-digit graphical password, as well as Touch ID, and Face ID, and unlock Apple ID from any activated iOS device without entering a password."


Remove Apple ID within 4 Steps

  • STEP 1

    Launch UkeySoft Unlocker and click 'Unlock Apple ID'

    Launch UkeySoft Unlocker and click "Unlock Apple ID"

  • STEP 2

    Remove Apple ID successfully, you can login into a different Apple ID on iPhone.

    Connect your iPhone to computer

  • STEP 3

    Confirm your device info and click the 'Start' button to start unlocking Apple ID.

    Confirm your device info and click the "Start" button to start unlocking Apple ID.

  • STEP 4

    Connect your iPhone to computer

    Remove Apple ID successfully, you can login into a different Apple ID on iPhone.

iOS Unlocker FAQs

Can I unlock my iPhone or iPad if I forgot the passcode?

Yes, if your iPhone/iPad was activated before. You can use UkeySoft iOS Unlocker to unlock your disabled iPhone on computer. You need to put iPhone into recovery mode, then check if the iTunes can detect your device, if the iTunes can detect it, the iOS Unlocker also can detect it, too. Just follow the instructions to download a matching firmware and install it to unlock the iPhone. Tips: During the whole unlocking process, don't click any pop up windows from iTunes ot Finder.

Can I remove Apple ID if I forgot Apple ID password and screen passcode on iPhone?

Actually not, UkeySoft iOS Unlocker can help you remove iPhone screen passcode unless you know the correct Apple ID and passcode. After removing the screen passcode, you need to enter the original Apple ID and password to active it. While removing Apple ID on iPhone, make sure “Find My iPhone” is off and your iPhone was activated before, becuase you’re be required to tap "Trust" on iPhone screen and unlock Apple ID before doing that. So, you can’t remove Apple ID without knowing the lock screen passcode.

Can I unlock iPhone/iPad screen passcode without data losing?

Actually not. Honestly, there is no solution to unlock iPhone/iPad lock screen without data loss for the moment in the market, all the data and settings, including your passcode will be deleted after unlocking the device, so that you can set up your iPhone access it again. If you have back up your iPhone to iTunes or iCloud, after you unlock your iPhone and erase all data, you can restore your data and settings from backups. If you didn't back up your iPhone, you can set it up as a new device and then restore the backups from iCloud.

Removal Failed. Click the Retry button to try removing screen passcode again.

If you failed to unlock iPhone and appear any Error Messages such as: Register Notifications, or the App interface shows "Removal Failed". Click the Retry button to try removeing screen passcode again. Please update the iTunes or Finder to the latest version firstly, then use our UkeySoft iOS Unlocker to unlock the device.

The UkeySoft Unlocker App cannot detect my iPhone or iPad device.

Put your iPhone into recovery mode firstly, then please check whether the iTunes can detects your iPhone successfully, if iTunes cannot detects it, please change another Apple USB cable. If the iTunes can detects the iPhone, our software also can detects it, too. Staring unlocking your iPhone, during unlocking process, plelase don't click the iTunes.If the iTunes can detect your iPhone, but our App cannot detect it, please send log file to us.

Why the App stucks on “Extracting software...” process?

After downloading firmware package completed, it will take long time to exract software from the downloaded firmware package, make sure your computer has enough space.

The UkeySoft Unlocker App can remove iCloud activation lock without password?

Actually not. If your "Find My iPhone" is on, no software can remove iCloud activation lock. But, if your "Find My iPhone" is off, you can use UkeySoft Unlocker App to remove the Apple ID easily, after removing the Appld ID. After remove Apple ID from iPad/iPhone, it means your iCloud locked be removed. Then you can login with another Apple ID/iCloud account.

Failed to Unlock my iPhone and iPad

Please update iTunes to the latest version, and make sure your computer has enough space, then uninstall iTunes and Related Components.
Step 1. Go to the "Settings" on your computer, and then choose the "Apps" option. Enter the keyword "Apple" on the search box, and iTunes and other 5 related apps will come out
  • 1) iTunes
  • 2) Apple Software Update
  • 3) Apple Mobile Device Support
  • 4) Bonjour
  • 5) Apple Application Support 32-bit
  • 6) Apple Application Support 64-bit
Step 2. Uninstall all above softwares and components.
Step 3. Download and install iTunes from Apple website, and then try to use our UkeySoft Unlocker to unlock your iPhone again.

Customer Reviews

  • Ellibert1 2 3 4 5

    "Absolutely shocking to use this program. I wanted my iPhone 7 unlocked, followed the step by step guide online and it helped me remove locked screen in just 5 seconds."

  • Aralvia1 2 3 4 5

    "Thanks to UkeySoft Unlocker, I removed the forgotten one and reset it again."

  • Mermaid1 2 3 4 5

    "My naughty son changed the lock screen password on my iPad and he quickly forgot. Fortunately, my friend introduced me to this software, it is really working!"

  • Zana1 2 3 4 5

    "It’s OK, UkeySoft Unlocker saved my cracked-screen iPhone."

  • Tanya Tucker1 2 3 4 5

    "My phone is born again, thank God! I forgot my login password and it helped me successfully unlock my Apple ID!"

  • Rochester1 2 3 4 5

    "Thanks for your product to help me remove this phone that was locked due to my son’s input error."

  • Thomas Love1 2 3 4 5

    "I got a second-hand iPhone a few days ago, it helped me delete the 6-digit lock screen password I don't know, and now I can use it normally. Thank you!"

  • Master1 2 3 4 5

    "Touch ID can not be accepted for unknown reasons. With the help of UkeySoft Unlocker, I can easily handle it."

  • Daniel1 2 3 4 5

    "This app is great! It takes only 5 minutes to delete the Apple ID on my iPhone, it is now unlocked!"


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