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  • Part 1. How to Register UkeySoft Deezer Music Converter
  • Part 2. How to Convert Deezer Music to MP3/M4A/WAV/FLAC/AAC
  • Part 3. Customize Output Audio Parameters
  • Part 4. More Settings
  • Part 5. Built-in Music Manager & Player Introduced

Part 1. How to Register UkeySoft Deezer Music Converter

UkeySoft Deezer Music Converter offers the free trial for users, but it is only available for 30 days. If you want to keep in using the software after the free trial ends, or get full features with this software, you should register UkeySoft Deezer Music Converter. Here's the step-to-step guide teach you, how to purchase and activate the register UkeySoft Deezer Music Converter.

Step 1. Purchase License of UkeySoft Deezer Music Converter

Once you launch UkeySoft Deezer Music Converter for free trial, a registration window would pop up immediately to ask you to activate the full version of this software. If you want to purchase a license code, tap the "Buy Now" icon and it will lead you to the paying page. Select a registration plan according to your need and pay it right now.

Step 2. Receive Email with License Key

When you purchase UkeySoft Deezer Music Converter, please enter your email address to receive the license key of full version. Just check your Email box and you will get the license key in it.

Step 3. Activate UkeySoft Deezer Music Converter

When you get the license key of full version, back to UkeySoft Deezer Music Converter the received license key in the pop window, then it will activate this powerful software successfully.

Tips: If you haven’t receive license key, please check whether it's sent to trash can in your Email box. If you check it and can't find it, contact UkeySoft Support Team suppo[email protected] and we are glad to help you as soon as possible.

Step 4. Access, Search, Play and Download Deezer Music Freely

After register UkeySoft Deezer Music Converter completed, please login with your deezer account, you can access to over 90 million tracks worldwide and other audio content like podcasts in it’s built-in web music player.

search deezer music converter

Of course, you also can free download Deezer music, album, playlist & podcast for offline listening on any devices.

access download deezer music

Part 2. How to Convert Deezer Music to MP3/M4A/WAV/FLAC/AAC

Step 1. Run Deezer Music Converter and Login Your Dezzer Account

Download, install and run UkeySoft Deezer Music Converter on your PC/Mac. Since it is built-in Deezer web player integration and lets you select the songs, albums, artists and playlists to download directly. Click the "LOG IN" button and log in via your Deezer account, then you can enjoy the music downloading journey.

enter deezer account

Step 2. Customize Output Format (Optional)

The default output format is lossless M4A. UkeySoft Deezer Music Converter supports other five output formats, including MP3, AAC, FLAC, WAV and AIFF. Because most devices supports MP3 audio files, we suggest you select MP3 as output format, and the ID3 tags and metadata will be save onto the output MP3 files.

choose mp3 output format deezer

Tips: In the setting interface, you can also customize the Output Audio Quality.

Step 3. Add A Playlist/Album to the Download List

Please open a playlist or album that you want to download, then click the red "Add" button to add all songs to the downloading list from the playlist.

add deezer playlist to list

Step 4. Select Deezer Music to Download

Only few seconds, all tracks are added to the downloading list, all tracks are be selected by default, you can also cull those songs you don't need to download in the checkbox.

select deezer songs

Step 5. Start Downloading Deezer Music

When all ready steps are done, then click "Convert" button to start downloading Deezer Music to MP3, the program helps you download music in high speed for you, up to 10X faser speed, please wait until the whole downloading process completed.

download all songs

Step 6. View Downloaded Deezer Songs

Once the Deezer music download completes, you are able to view the download history, please click on the “blue output folder” icon to open the output folder.

finish download deezer music to mp3

As below screenshot, all the output music files will be preserved with its all ID3 tags, which for you better music library management.

deezer music files

Step 7. Play Downloaded Deezer Songs Offline (with Built-in Music Player)

There is a built-in Music Manager & Player in the program, just click the “History” icon to open the Music Manager and view all downloaded songs, you can see all downloaded Deezer songs are sorted by date, artist or album.

deezer music manager

In addition, you’re able to play the downloaded Deezer songs (MP3 music files) offline with it’s built-in Music Player, no need to install Deezer app or other music player, the program brings you a great music listening experience.

dmc play music

Part 3. Customize Output Audio Parameters

This part helps you efficiently learn how to customize output audio parameters of UkeySoft Deezer Music Converter. Click Gear icon if you want to change output settings for output music files, then the new settings window will pop up. In which you can do more settings for output Deezer Music file. There are seven main functions including Output Format, Output Quality, Output Folder, Output File Name, Output Organized, After Converting, Language.

1. Output Format

There are six options of output quality for Deezer Music, including AUTO(M4A), MP3, AAC, FLAC, WAV, AIFF.

deezer music m4a

2. Output Quality

There are eight options for output quality for Deezer Music, including 128kbps. 192kbps. 224kbps. 256kbps. 320kbps. 384kbps. 448kbps. 512kbps.

deezer music aac

Part 4. More Settings

1. Change Interface Language

To better meet requirements of users from all over the world, we have released multilingual version of UkeySoft Deezer Music Converter. The interface languages include: English, Deutsch, Español, Français, 日本語, 简体中文.

In the setting windows, you can change interface language under "Language " option.

interface language

2. Change the Output Folder

You can change the default output folder under "Output Folder" option, then set other output folder to save the converted songs on computer. Please don't set other external USB flash drive as output path, otherwise, the conversion will fail.

deezer output folder

3. Output File Name

There are five options for output file name for Deezer Music, including Playlist Index, Track Number, Title, Artist, Album. You can select more than one at the same time.

Output File Name

4. Output Organized

There are five options for output organized for Deezer Music, including None, Artist, Album, Artist/Album, Album/Artist.

deezer output organized

5. What to Do after Converting Finished

You can set "Open the output folder" or "Put the computer to sleep" or "Do nothing" after converting finished. This is a very convenient setting for users who convert a large number of songs at once, maybe it takes a long time to complete the conversion, "Put the computer to sleep" is a very convenient setting.

deezer after converting

Part 5. Built-in Music Manager & Player Introduced

With advance technology, UkeySoft Deezer Music Converter is built-in Deezer Music manager & Deezer Music Player. It means that you can manage music library better, and play Deezer Music in UkeySoft software directly.

1. View the Download Deezer Songs via Music Manager

Simply click "History" list, in where you can get and check all downloaded & converted Deezer Music files be list by Date, Album and Artist.

deezer music manager

List the converted Deezer Music songs by Date:

List by Date

List the converted Deezer Music songs by Album:

List by Album

List the converted Deezer Music songs by Artist:

List by Artist

2. Play Deezer Music Offline with Built-in Music Player

Since the built-in Deezer Music player is offered from UkeySoft software, you are allowed to click the Play icon in each song in history list to play the Deezer downloads offline, no any extra apps installation request, including Deezer app.

play deezer music offline

Once the conversion completes, you are able to keep Deezer Music forever, play Deezer Music offline on any devices/players without Deezer limitations. What’s more, you can get Deezer Music for using on more ways in life. For example, transfer Deezer Music to MP3 player; set Deezer Music as background music on game consoles; play Deezer Music on music player or media player; export Deezer Music to DJ program for music remixing; play Deezer Music on portable devices; set it as ringtone, set it as alarm clock; backup Deezer Music, copy it to SD card, copy it to USB flash drive, up to cloud space; and more.

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